Booking a Court

As of 1st Feb 2017 members can now book both courts on line using clubspark. See the link on the Home page

Non Members can also book either court at a cost of 20.00 for the first hour and 10 for subsequent hours. Please contact Chris Adams 07752 415972 or Terry Parkes 01386 700301

Club Sessions and Matches - April to September

Monday:       Match Night (6:30pm)

Senior Club Night (6.30pm)
Wednesday: Ladies Afternoon (1.30pm)
                     Match Night (6.30pm)

Thursday:     Senior Club Night (6.30pm)

Friday:         Junior Coaching (3.30pm - 6pm)

Winter Tennis - October to End of March

Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings, with eight players three sets,  during the winter. If you are interested in playing Winter Tennis, please contact Terry Parkes (01386 700301) for Mondays, Catherine Arkell (01386 700301) for Thursdays, and Sue Bull (01386 853298) for Fridays.


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